Enterprise Solutions

We build and operate unique enterprise solutions for customers who require continuous support for complex geospatial problems.  

Our geospatial asset management, maintenance management and knowledge management solutions for water districts, communications companies and organizations allow our customers to focus on delivering their services to the public.  

We save our clients time and money by bringing their geographic information to life online and providing them technical and operational support for their typically 24/7 types of operations.

Water District Asset and Maintenance Management

This enterprise solution provides advanced geospatial asset and maintenance management operations for small to mid sized water districts at low cost and focused support.  

The solution provides online access for multiple users as defined by the district.  It is optimized and customized to suit the unique requirements and operational activities of the specific district.

Solution Features

  • Multi-User / Multi-role Access
  • Updates and Control by the District
  • No Computing Infrastructure Required
  • Mobile Access
  • District Focused

Asset Management – Track infrastructure components. Analyze repair and replace schedules. Determine installation dates.  Sort by last maintenance dates and component types.  

Maintenance Management – Provide district specific maintenance worksheets for infrastructure components and retaining online logs of each component. Record and track past, current and future maintenance functions.  Perform condition assessments of components. Supports unambiguous and consistent field input. 

Compliance – Enter operational and water quality data for system components. Track system performance parameters as might be desired such as flow and pump rates

Real Estate/Water Information System - Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Grant

The CWCB awarded Peak Spatial a 2018-2019 Colorado Water Plan (CWP) and Water Supply Reserve Fund (WSRF) grant to build an online Real Estate/Water Provider Information system that will provide residential home buyers and real estate professionals water provider information based on address queries.  

This free enterprise solution will connect to a seven county pilot area database in Colorado (Adams, Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, El Paso, Teller, and Pueblo).  The site links user address queries with water provider/water districts’ public rates, conservation plans, consumer confidence reports and other information for the new Colorado home buyer.  

This solution focuses on new Colorado residents who may not be familiar with Colorado’s unique water supply structure and conservation mentality.

Solution Features

  • ESRI Geocoding / Address Matching
  • Report Retrieval
  • Public Access Online

Solution Features

  • Multi-User, Multi- Agency Access
  • Deployed on Century Link Systems
  • Supported by Peak
  • Active Fire and Weather Warnings

The CSN / Century Link enterprise solution supports the installation and tracking of the new Colorado communication system since 2012 and continues to provide detailed tracking of the CSN system for Century Link and supported State agencies. The solution also provides live weather and fire updates to system users which is important when assessing possible CSN impacts.  

The Colorado State Network is now being updated to current ESRI and SQL software platforms and will continue to provide support for the State and Century Link for years to come.

Solution Features

  • Download csv and shapefiles
  • Geoprocessing services calculate specific responses
  • NOAA input on specific NEXRAD – wind turbine geometries

The NOAA enterprise solution supports wind developers and government analysts as they assess potential impacts of wind turbines on the NEXRAD weather radar operations.  

The Public site is accessible to all users while the Internal Tools site operates to support more focused NOAA radar analysis.

SilverSphereTM Energy Toolkit

This enterprise solution includes multiple tools to perform radar impact assessments due to specific wind development project details.

This unique enterprise toolkit for wind developers and government assessment organizations provides detailed assessments and tracks the configuration of wind developments as they undergo design changes necessitated by constraints.

For more details see SilverSphere Energy Siting Toolkit – User Guide v1.12

Solution Features

  • Advanced Radar Analysis Geoprocessing Services
  • Line of Sight and Viewshed Analysis
  • Client Project and Site Data Management and Visualization
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